Habana Avenue is a firm lead by founder Steven J. Levy that partners with brands, media companies and entertainment properties to architect creative initiatives across TV, event & digital experiences.

As a syndicate of award-winning producers and creative minds with over 20 years experience, Habana was built to help brands execute on their vision with skill, passion and the utmost care.




Habana is the architect and engineer for your next campaign.

We deliver the big ideas and production value that clients want with the care that only a partner can offer. We handle every element of the Producing lifecycle. Whether you'd like to involve us in the initial creative process or simply hand us your final plan, we are ready to meet and guide the vision from anywhere in the world.




Producer / Creative Steven J. Levy founded Habana because he’s a master of creating experiences that put life on pause and command your undivided attention.

"The producer's role in our media-rich world has never been in such high demand, and never has there been such a shortage of experience.

Our modern-day Producer is a media engineer.  One must have a thirst for technology, a strong foundation in story, the ability to translate almost anything into an authentic & socially sharable experience, and have a high level of integrity from start to finish.

Not all can meet these lofty standards... ours do!"  



What our clients are saying

NBC Sunday Night Football has had nothing but terrific experiences working with Habana Avenue. The entire team is incredibly creative, detail-orientated and allows you to maximize all elements of your production. I recommend them highly for all high-end productions.
— Fred Gaudelli, NBC Sports
I had the opportunity to work on a number of key projects with Habana Avenue and the results were exceptional!   We had excellent collaboration throughout with the Habana team offering creative solutions to help us attain our vision.   Steven and his team create a true partnership, that is both refreshing and efficient.  What a great experience working with the solid group of professionals and A-list talent that Habana Avenue brings to the table.
— Robert Toms, VP Production Enhancement / Creative Services, ABC/ESPN
Steven J. Levy is one of the hardest working, honest and competent professionals I have ever worked with. In many instances over the past 14 years, we have trusted his agency with protecting the integrity of our brand. He gives 100 percent to every campaign and also brings a high level of innovation and professionalism. Simply, he is one of the best.
— Alan Brown, NFL Films
Honest, smart, dependable, dedicated and the list goes on.  I highly recommend Steven to anyone considering doing business with him or even if you simply need a good friend.
— Dan Zigulich, EVP, Director of Creative Production Services DRAFTFCB

Who we've worked with