WHo we are


HABANA Avenue is a firm that partners with brands, media companies, and entertainment properties to architect and optimize creative executions across TV, live events, streaming and digital experiences.

As a syndicate of award-winning producers and creative minds with over 20 years of experience, HABANA was built to help clients execute their vision with skill, passion, and the utmost care.




HABANA partners with you to optimize your content production and event initiatives; while also focusing on strategies that help to amortize, and often minimize, your total creative spend.

We deliver the big ideas and the production value that brands demand with the care that only a partner can offer. We apply our PPO (Production Pipeline Optimization) to your initiatives and handle every element of the Production Life-Cycle. Whether you'd like to involve us in the initial creative process or simply hand us your final plan, we are ready to execute on the vision from anywhere in the world.




Managing Director & Founder

Steven J. Levy founded HABANA because he’s a master of producing experiences that put life on pause and command your undivided attention.

"Brands need a partner that is prepared to be the architect, the creative force, and the executioner. One must have a strong foundation in story, a thirst for technology, an ability to translate anything into a socially shareable experience, and have a high level of integrity from start to finish.

Because we now live in the media-rich world of the future, never have Producers been in such high demand; and never has there been such a shortage of experience.

Not all can match-up to these new standards... we're ready.  Are you!"  

Steven J. Levy, Founder of HABANA


Jason Adelman

Head of Strategy

Jason Adelman brings a brand marketing mindset to the HABANA team, serving as an ambassador to Steven J. Levy’s unique model of producing for modern day brands and media companies that have a salacious appetite to engage audiences in the environments they enjoy the most.

“Since the advent of the DVR over 15 years ago, and with today’s hyper-growth in new technologies, it has never been a more exciting time to shepherd the advancement of a brand's relationship with its core consumer. And with that opportunity comes the continued challenge of creating and delivering the messaging, entertainment, and experiences that will ultimately solidify that consumer connection.
For brand marketers, the necessity to execute is as important as the necessity to shift, optimize and plan the marketing mix. Too many agencies and too many stakeholders typically cause internal chaos that slows down the pace and efficiency for which brands need to execute.  HABANA is a solution to many of those challenges, and we keep it fun and classy while making great things happen….together!"