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My podcast is place for deep conversations about critical issues of our time in the space of health, wellness, food, and music. New Episodes every week.

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The Ignition Podcast Ep - 3 “How We Unplug”

I talk with Will Smith about how we should sometimes take our phones and accidentally “lose” them for the day. We breakdown the issue with screens with our children and ourselves, and how we unplug in this episode of The Ignition Podcast.

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The Ignition Podcast Ep - 2 “Audio Only Design” 

This is the format that Squarespace offers to add audio to the site. I’m not too familiar with how to get the files on here automatically with this format, it most likely will have to be a manual thing. Based on the research, we may need to upload a Radio Public Feed: See Next Entry.

The Ignition Podcast Ep - 1 “Radio Public Feed”

 Basically, this site creates an RSS feed and is partnered with Anchor. Anchor sends the casts to all the podcast sites, (spotify, apple, google, stitcher, etc..) and this player automatically updates each time you make a new podcast episode. This is the podcast I used to do. Be Warned, it’s explicit lol

There is a squarespace rss feed we can research into as well. But I don’t understand how that works without getting it all set up.