Vox Pop

Vox Pops' Powerful Storytelling For Healthcare Brands

Habana is proud to partner with storytelling & directing team Vox Pop, creating cinematic brand stories for the Healthcare industry.  

As documentary filmmakers, Vox Pop specializes in capturing the authentic moments that engage and inspire an audience.

With deep roots in documentary film and television, the artists at Vox Pop are nimble, fast-moving and highly budget conscious.

The award-winning team brings healthcare storytelling to life in a bold, cinematic fashion. They humanize health care brands through compelling narratives, both scripted and unscripted. They use high-impact visuals and powerful moments to make an emotional connection. Sometimes they make you laugh, sometimes they make you cry, but they always pull you to the edge of your seat.

Welcome Directors Vox Pop to Habana

We like to think of our team as a little family here at HABANA. And with that, there is no better reason to celebrate than when that family gets a little bit bigger.

We would like to welcome Vox Pop to our family. This team of three is an acclaimed Los-Angeles based directing powerhouse with award winning documentary and commercial work that has appeared on HBO, MTV, PBS, IFC and the Discovery channel. 

From Healthcare to Banking, to Sports, to Education, they excel in applying unscripted storytelling techniques to energize and promote national brands.

Their reel includes work with the likes of Red Bull, Runner’s World, Athlete’s Performance, Boeing, Christie’s, Proxibid, Pandora, USC, UCI and more. Together, they have filmed in over a dozen countries, and been internationally recognized from Sundance to Seoul.

Best in class creative is our top priority at HABANA Avenue, and access to it can be the difference between something great and something that knocks a sock off (or two).

Welcome Vox Pop team!