Live Streaming

Live Streaming offers Branded Content a new way to reach customers... and actually connect.

HABANA Avenue’s Managing Director and Founder Steven J. Levy recently attended Advertising Week in New York, and to no surprise there was a clear emphasis on live streaming and the opportunities brands have where they can engage with consumers.

Unilever’s CMO and guest editor of Think With Google Keith Weed shared the same sentiment and expressed his takeaways on the subject as well:

“Looking at Gen Z, 95% of them use YouTube, and 50% say they can’t live without it. And 69% of Gen Z are on Instagram. The trick for us as marketers will be thinking about how this feeds into new forms of commerce.” Weed said, emphasizing that, “It might finally be the year of video.”

From a marketing standpoint, live streaming is a trend marketers and brands cannot pass up. Especially right now with this generation’s audiences being heavily engaged with digital mediums. But, it is more than just advertising on social platforms. Engaging an audience is far more important than subconsciously seeing an ad while you scroll on Facebook or Instagram.

Rise of Live Streaming – Redefining Real-Time Engagement by Peter Koeppel

Rise of Live Streaming – Redefining Real-Time Engagement by Peter Koeppel

What makes live streaming such an integral aspect of brand marketing?

Quick answer: With the engagement on video platforms being so high, this relatively new trend works extremely well with the evolving consumer preferences. With viewership being the payout, and with platforms that have upwards of hundreds of millions of active users, preferences cannot be overlooked. The numbers speak for themselves, and these social platforms are taking the industry by storm: 

Research by Peter Koeppel
Facebook Live:

  • Over 360 million users watch regularly
  • Videos are watched three times longer than any other video content
  • About 200 million regular users watch
  • Features real-time likes and comments

 YouTube Live:

  • One billion people use YouTube
  • Live streaming is only for verified channels
  • Option available for mobile live stream once you have 1,000 subscribers


  • Active daily users of 9.7 million people
  • The average user spends 106 minutes watching live streams each day

  • 6 million total users view content monthly
  • Average users spend three sessions per day in the app, or about 3.5 minutes a day