Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges puts a soulful twist on our National Anthem for ESPN's "The Undefeated"

Director of Photography Mark Eberle collaborated with fellow Texas native Leon Bridges for a soulful, powerful rendition of  "The Start Spangled Banner".  Shot in their hometown of Forth Worth, Eberle creates a moody, intimate look that is reminiscent of classic soul singers from the past. 

Of his first time singing the national anthem outside of school, the 26 year old soul artist said,

"I felt that the original version is a little bit too straightforward musically... I felt it was kind of dope to give a little 6/8, groovy feel to it. Something that felt comfortable for me to sing... Just giving it a bit of a soul feel felt good to me."

Bridges' piece is part of a new ESPN series "The National Anthem" featuring six different voices singing "The Star Spangled Banner" each with their own twist. 

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