HABANA Coordinates Flycam for Glenlivet City Links

Steven J. Levy, President and Founder of HABANA, coordinated the FlyCam aerial camera tracking system for a promo announcing the Philadelphia arrival of Glenlivet City Links, a one-of-a- kind 9-hole golf course and clubhouse.

Beautiful Location

The Glenlivet City Links fuses two of Scotland‘s most cherished exports: Scotch whisky — in the form of The Glenlivet single malt — and golf.

With landscaping inspired by the lush scenery of Scotland, City Links was crafted to be assembled in city interiors, dismantled and driven to the next destination on this year‘s seven-city tour. The unique golf experience, highlighted by tasting events, ended its second nationwide tour at The Armory in Philadelphia where the public was invited to play the course and practice their swings in a virtual driving range.

FAA Concerns

Levy, who was busy producing the NFL Network‘s 2007-2008 NFL season campaign, got a call from Fly Communications which needed an aerial camera tracking system right before the shoot was scheduled to begin.

“They decided to try to do a flyover of the golf course, just like you‘d see in a pro golf tournament on television,” he explained. “The FAA has grounded all robotic cameras, for reasons of homeland security, until they‘re certified. So I had to consider the alternatives. Would a big crane arm work? Maybe a cable camera system?”

Levy reached out to Pat Hally of Flycam who‘s based in Philadelphia and was happy to lend a hand to a project in town. “Three hours later we put a FlyCam system together for City Links,” reported Levy, who served as production company Executive Producer for the job.

A Different Approach

A FlyCam is an ultralight, stabilized aerial camera tracking system. Its low-tension rigging, sensible design and easy set up make it the most versatile, production friendly and cost effective point-to-point system available.

“We stretched cables between two 30-foot trusses in The Armory,” Levy recalled, “and flew the camera from the tee box to the hole itself as in a real golf course flyover. Each hole was a separate shot: We rigged the two base points each time and did the flyover with pans and tilts to add interest to the footage."

“With such a fast turnaround required it was a nice case of serendipity that Pat had just come back from another job and was still in town,” he added.

Cindy Vannoy produced the shoot for Fly Communications.