Fabien Dufils

Fabien Dufils Directs Feature Film One Buck

If you are a fan of gritty crime dramas like True Detective or The Wire, then you just might love One Buck directed by HABANA Director, Fabien Dufils.

One Buck takes the audience on an odyssey through the heart of a forgotten town in Louisiana. It follows the tales of those whose destinies may seem simple enough, but are often suspiciously clouded by alternative motivations.

Harry, a worn-out cop mired down in his own deceit, has reached the point of no return as his morals flounder. Heading a police investigation about a disturbing missing persons case,  Harry shirks the rules by increasingly wide margins. Hopelessly lost, teetering on the brink of mental collapse, Harry attempts to save all that is poised for destruction.

One Buck was shot near Shreveport, Louisiana, and now has entered post-production.

Originally born and raised in France and now working from our New York location, Fabien has been nominated for and won several international film awards for the bewitching avant-garde style he infuses into his projects.

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The Damas Diwali Campaign

HABANA Director Fabien Dufils recently completed this beautiful piece for Damas Jewelry, a Dubai-based jeweler. Imagining a restyled Diwali celebration, the spot brings a modern feel to a centuries old tradition. The piece stars Nargis Fakhri, a rising model, actress & Bollywood starlet, and was shot two hours outside of Mumbai, India.

The production blends beautiful, traditional music, and the vivid imagery and style always apparent in Fabien’s work. With the spotlight on the jewelry, Fabien was able to craft the atmosphere into a ballet performed by shafts of light. The temple was alive with a feeling of nostalgia, but was made contemporary by Fabien’s vision for lensing.

With the client thrilled and the entire Damas campaign underway, we are happy to have Fabien back in New York and working on his next thrilling project.

Below is the final product:

“There are few challenges as exciting as re-styling an age-old occasion. And there are few brands better suited to doing so than Damas. In 2013, the premium Dubai-based jeweler has decided to add mystique and glamour to Diwali with a campaign titled Be The Brightest Light. Doing away with the usual clichés of Rangolis and firecrackers, Damas instead created a mythical world in which a cast of characters – each a fascinating attraction on their own – turn around and become captivated by a woman wearing Damas jewelry.

The film was helmed by New York based fashion director Fabien Dufils and stars rising Bollywood sensation Nargis Fakhri. Shot in Mumbai, the TV spot is supported by print, outdoor and radio. Altogether, the campaign elevates the image of 18k gold with the promise that on this festival of lights, the woman who wears Damas eclipses everyone else.”

Fallon, M. (Dec. 2013) “Brightest Light” TVC for Diwali by Damas. JWT, 2013. Behance

Detroit Muscle has a new contender

Equus, a young Michigan based auto-builder introduces the new Bass 770. This modern take on classic muscle brings the history of Detroit into a new era.

Needed a Sleek and Sexy Portrayal

With the need to produce an exciting and sexy promotional video, Equus contacted French director, and HABANA Featured Director, Fabien Dufils.

Fabien’s unique ability to merge beautiful imagery with virtual any product was what initially prompted the introduction between he and HABANA's President and Founder, Steven J. Levy. The uniqueness of the Bass 770’s blending of old world design and modern technology lends itself well to Fabien’s style of direction. The 770 is aimed at the luxury market with a sticker price just under $300k, and the artistic feel of Fabien’s work was the perfect fit.

Shot at an abandoned airport and utilizing stunt drivers and a full effects team, the shoot was difficult to capture, but an entertaining challenge for the team. Fabien’s stylized vision was brought to life through the hard work of countless behind the scenes technicians and producers.