College Football

Bodies (and Objects) in Motion Require Special Handling

Directors and EPs agree that creating or scoring for action and sports content has unique demands.

It’s clear that what constitutes action and sports content has been re-defined in this new age of social media and video sharing.

Whether you’re talking about traditional action or sports ads that incorporate game footage from baseball, basketball, tennis or soccer (football to the rest of the world), or if what you’re watching is more amateur or extreme – anything from skateboarding films to wing suits comes to mind – there’s a new set of rules that dictate what it has to look like and sound like. It’s got to reek of realism and be rooted in pop culture, our experts say, in order to stand even the slightest chance of breaking through.

Bicoastal content production company HABANA, led by President and Founder Steven J. Levy, has created everything from show opens to live events to Super Bowl parties to branded content, programs and spots for a range of brands, ad agencies and media companies.

Passing the Authenticity Test

When it comes to action, authenticity is critical. In today’s online society of fans and trolls, no one can afford to put out content that looks faked or staged, or they’ll get called on it – and quick.

Making sure action and sports content passes the sniff test means knowing where and how it’s going to be seen.

“The single focus I have for making sure our work is recognized is to truly understand where each client will distribute the content that they’ve entrusted us to produce, and to completely understand the content channel landscape,” explains HABANA Avenue’s Steven J. Levy. “As content producers, we can no longer just go shoot a storyboard! We need to understand how and why individual broadcast and social channels are successful.”

Their approach at HABANA is to request a detailed brief on every project they handle, Levy adds, “and if one doesn’t exist we’ll create it for ourselves. It deeply informs every creative inquiry along the journey.”

Zooming In on the Action

Perhaps nowhere has the revolution in camera technology had a bigger impact than in sports and action content. Producers and directors can now get shots that were unthinkable just a few years ago. For everyone – even those selecting the score or soundtrack – the impact has been huge.

HABANA’s Levy points out that his company was one of the first in the country to be FAA-approved for UAV or drone camera platforms.

“Our teams have shot everything from Dodge performance brands to NBC’s Sunday Night Football,” he says. “And while there are still some stigmas attached to exactly which model camera you’re using, our approach is to match the best available technology to achieve the desired outcome. The capability of this gear is advancing at an exponential rate. We embrace it, as long as the technology helps us to tell a better story.”

Epic Heroes, Epic Sounds

Years ago it was the introduction of the X Games on ESPN that shifted the creation of action and sports content into an ‘extreme’ mode. One trend driving the category seems to be the continued linking of music with teams, broadcasts, brands and events.

“Adweek claimed recently that there’s been no better time for the fusion of music and sports than now,” says Levy. “At HABANA, we’ve been impressed by the network musical directors and creative directors we work with, who’ve seen the passionate sweet spots where music and sport unite and are capitalizing on it. These are mostly unheralded matchmakers who are equally passionate about their craft, and it shows in the kind of content you’re seeing.”

Adweek’s report called out four recent music and sports related projects as evidence of this trend, and two of them – Fall Out Boy’s tie in with ESPN’s college football coverage and the involvement of supergroup U2 on the network’s FIFA World Cup coverage – were produced byHABANA.  (Check out the entire report here.)

Media Channels Shift Gears

As you might expect, the surge in sports and action content has kept many of the companies that specialize in it busy, as all of our sponsors report.  But there’s more than just the greater volume of work driving this; fundamental shifts in how sports programming and ads are consumed is impacting the trend as well.

“Traditionally, sports media has always been a stable growth business,” says Levy. “The past year has seen a lot of shifting. Larger distributors of content are being forced to deal with the revenue loss of cable TV’s cord-cutters, and the move from subscription-based cable packages to on-demand personal and mobile viewing is exposing a slow adoption by decision-makers in the sports tech space.”

Where this is going is almost anyone’s guess, but Levy says the trick for companies like his is to keep their focus on quality. “There will be a lot of knee-jerk reactions to try and keep-up, but the bright lights of the genre will always illuminate the deeply passionate stories of ‘rags to riches’ and ‘David versus Goliath’ that only sports can deliver every day of the year.”

-Written By Anthony Vagnoni for SourceEcreative

Producers, Directors and Music Mavens Keep the Genre Moving

Stunning locales and amazing skills, fueled by specialized techniques and styles, are the hallmarks of this fast-moving category.

Credit: SourceEcreative, Article By Halyce Naparstek

The most compelling action, adventure and sports content can inspire us to be better, try harder, move beyond our limitations and aspire to perform.  Sometimes it can resemble more of a travelogue, with exotic, beautiful locations or feature celebrities or sports figures we admire. HABANA's “Your Fight Matters” for Tap Out is a mantra for doing your best. HABANA, our Action & Sports sponsor,  well versed in making us part of the action or, at the very least, impacting the desire to get us off the sofa and move.  Watch these and other extraordinary spots in HABANA’s showreel:

Brand: ABC

Maroon 5 plays "Always You" in this promo for ABC Sports.

Product: Saturday Night College Football

Director: Chris Mantzaris

Prod. Co.: HABANA

Brand: Dorna Sports

Promo for the MotoGP race across 18 countries

Product: MotoGP

Director: John Bruno

Sponsor: HABANA

Brand: ESPN XGames

"XGames Real Wake 2015"

Promo for the Real Wake 2015 at the ESPN XGames

Product: Real Wake 2015

Director: Jordan Klein Jr.

Sponsor: HABANA



FAA Approved Drones For Networks

Few Have FAA Approval To Fly Drones for Your Productions…

HABANA does. We offer:

  • + Promax & Emmy Award Winning
  • + Network Veterans
  • + Short & Long-form Experience
  • + Multiple Aircraft
  • + FAA Approved

What we’ve helped produce…

  • ABC Saturday Night Football (Maroon 5)
  • ESPN College Football Championship (Fall Out Boy)
  • ESPN College Football GameDay (Big & Rich)
  • ESPN College Basketball GameDay (Macklemore)
  • ESPN Monday Night Football (Hank Williams, Jr.)
  • NBC Sunday Night Football (Faith Hill)
  • NBC Super Bowl (Faith Hill)
  • DISCOVERY Shark Week
  • ABC NBA Finals (3D Mapping Experience)
  • ABC NBA Playoffs (Cee Lo Green + Nicole Scherzinger)
  • FOOD NETWORK Iron Chef
  • FIFA World Cup Soccer (U2)
  • FIFA World Cup Women’s Soccer (Katy Perry)
  • ESPN X Games Oakley  (Shawn White)

HABANA is FAA Approved, nimble, and operated by media veterans.

Let’s tell a story together.

Music And Sports United: It’s What We Do

We understand that sports and music have remarkably similar fan bases, making sporting events the ideal place for both. After breaking records, Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” has become the anthem of college football, and Maroon 5’s “It Was Always You” now announces to the nation it’s time for Saturday Night Football. The seamless partnership of music and sports makes it clear that opportunities are limitless.


HABANA Avenue is the creative engine leading the way in the fusion of artists and athletes across major sporting events. In a 2015 edition of ADWEEK, ESPN claims that similar formats have created an environment where:

Artists want to align with sports platforms when they prepare their releases – ESPN went on to say, could be the birth of a new sports anthem.


When you’re ready to take hold of this special time in music and sports, think HABANA.


If you’re like most Americans, football rules your fall and winter.

And if you’re like most Americans, you tuned in to see our ESPN College Football Playoffs project (with the critically acclaimed band Fall Out Boy) as it crushed all records of viewership in cable television history. Amazing, right?

The title game averaged 33.4 million viewers and an 18.2 rating according to Nielsen. It was the largest audience and highest rating in cable TV history.

The Highest-Rated Show on Cable

When our Fall Out Boy production first aired, it was during the semifinals. First for the Florida State/Oregon game and then for the Ohio State/Alabama game. The third and final product came later during the College Football Championship game – where Ohio State took home the title.

The championship game was a record hit with viewers, as the first-ever college football playoff championship turned in the highest ratings in the history of both ESPN and cable TV.

33.4 Million Viewers

This year’s championship and playoff games all surpassed the previous most-watched cable program – the 2011 BCS Championship between Oregon and Auburn, which attracted 27,316,000 viewers. HABANA President and Founder Steven J. Levy is absolutely addicted to the electrifying space where sports and music meet. With the record shattering success of the Fall Out Boy open, there’s nobody better suited to fuse music and sports than HABANA Avenue.

The Business Behind Sports & Music

“The music and sports industries have very similar fan bases,” says Claude Mitchell, ESPN’s coordinating director of music, "so there are natural opportunities for a crossover partnership to reach those audiences.”

Great music partnerships can take many months — ESPN’s clever music department helps us coordinate with artists so the productions coincide with album releases.

Killer Experience

The adventure took about two months from start to finish and the post production work went on for about four weeks.

By the way – did anyone catch Lolo Pritchard’s powerfully raw cover of Suzanne Vega’s hook from the 1987 hit from “Tom’s Diner”?

A special thanks to all of our friends at ESPN in Building 13.

Filming with Fall Out Boy: ESPN College Playoff

We just got back from Los Angeles after a thrilling shoot for ESPN’s coverage of the College Football Playoffs & Championship. We had the killer opportunity to film with the band Fall Out Boy, a critically acclaimed band that has been around for years and still sells multi-platinum records. From the minute we touched-down in LA and started building the set until we flattened tires on the way to LAX – the action was ferocious.

After their return from hiatus in 2013, the band is back and hotter than ever. Fall Out Boy just released their new album Centuries – and the song, which is the title track from the band’s forthcoming album, will be featured during playoff games and studio telecasts and during on-air promotions throughout the season.

You’ll also hear the song during highlight packages and in & out of commercial breaks during the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day bowl game triple-headers. The “New Year’s Six” will showcase the playoff semifinals, four additional premier top-level bowls and the first-ever College Football National Championship on January 12.

The song will also be a central part of the regular-season marketing efforts to promote the top college football match-ups across ESPN’s network each week. ESPN began using an instrumental version of “Centuries” on August 25 in advance of the opening weekend.

While a preview of the video was released last weekend on ESPN, the full version won’t air until December and won’t play during actual games until January.

Behind the Scenes with Maroon 5: Filming the Saturday Night Football Opening

HABANA recently had the opportunity to film the new ABC Saturday Night Football opening featuring a mid-tempo 80’s-esque electro love song from Maroon 5’s hit new album ‘V titled “It Was Always You.” Like many jobs we work on, it was a tight production schedule – but we nailed it with just a month to prepare and only a few hours to shoot.

Unlike the College GameDay opening with Big & Rich, this project had a little bit more glitz and glam.  It was shot under the lights and has that primetime energy. Everyone is watching the game regardless of who you’re rooting for because it’s the biggest game of the weekend.

The Marriage of Music and Sports

This was a unique opportunity to work with artists that are really at their peak – and this was going to be the worldwide release of this new hit track. Helping them execute this while staying on-brand during the release of their album was truly a welcome challenge.

The marriage of music and sports is perfect. The artist gets an incredible amount of exposure for their new material and the network is uniquely positioned to be able to take advantage of the music the artist adds to the show, said President and Founder HABANA Avenue Steven J. Levy.

We really can’t think of a better way to get viewers to pay attention than to use a hit artist with a new song, releasing it for the first time. Millions and millions of eyes and ears are on the new song for the entire football season – it’s a hit for both the sport and the artist.

There was total and complete engagement with the artists, managers, ABC and our group – which is vital to be able to come up with a concept and execute it in a short amount of time. It came together perfectly and the outcome;

Lights, Camera, Action

“It was an incredible experience on this set,” said Levy. “We were excited about moving our shoot through with precision because we knew we had a limited amount of time.”

Luckily, the management team, record label, artists and of course, our production teams worked together flawlessly.  Finding a great team doesn’t always happen so easily – especially with big groups and big events. They made it possible for us to shoot and create a beautiful piece.

Maroon 5 Comes to ESPN Saturday Night College Football

Football season has returned – and we’ve got a big day of sports openers tomorrow! First, watch the spots we shot with Big & Rich on ESPN College GameDay from 9 A.M. - Noon, and later in the evening – an exclusive Maroon 5 video we shot for ESPN will air for ABC Saturday Night Football.

This year, ESPN’s college football game telecasts will showcase the music of Maroon 5, Florida Georgia Line and 17 established and acclaimed breakthrough acts from Columbia Records – including Pharrell Williams, Iggy Azalea, T.I., Rita Ora, Jack White and more.

Maroon 5’s “It Was Always You” will be the feature song for every Saturday Night Football Presented by Wells Fargo telecast this season. It’ll also used throughout the coverage, including highlight packages, and coming in from, and out of, commercial breaks.

Maroon 5 and ESPN will also collaborate on a video of the song for exclusive use on Saturday Night Football. The video will be a montage of the band performing the song with relevant college football highlights pertaining to each week’s matchup.

Saturday Night Football will kickoff tomorrow at 8 p.m. with defending national champion No. 1 Florida State vs. Oklahoma State in the Cowboys Classic from Arlington, Texas.

Big & Rich are 'Coming To Your City' for ESPN College GameDay

You Know The Song

And most likely every word. That Big & Rich song you hear before, during, and after every college football game on ESPN? 

Shooting the spots surrounding ESPN’s College GameDay is no easy task – it requires a keen understanding of the needs of artist management companies, the personalities of the artists involved, the environment and crowd management of live entertainment, and of course, a thorough understanding of a broadcasting network the size of ESPN. Luckily, Habana happens to love the stuff.

Just Outside Nashville

The spots for ESPN College GameDay were filmed this year on the expansive re-purposed lawn of a historic Tennessee mansion.  Staging a set up that rivals a stadium-sized audience and live music concert is no small feat.  Complete with state-of-the-art LED video walls to make the entire stage feel like it was immersed in a football stadium, even we were impressed with the outcome.


We are Built for Sports & Entertainment, Athletes and Artists…The Perfect Combination

Athletes and Artists…The Perfect Combination.

The worlds of music and sports collide on the cover of ESPN The Magazine. The bi-weekly sports publication teams all-star athletes with music’s MVPs for its annual Music Issue, a trend that continues to gain traction.

Calvin Johnson and Eminem - ESPN The Magazine The Music Issue

Calvin Johnson and Eminem - ESPN The Magazine The Music Issue

This cover was published on the heels of our client’s successful partnership Eminem’s “BerZerk” release with College Football highlight coverage.

HABANA Avenue Goes Berzerk

HABANA was stoked to have once again produced the most watched college-level football series on television, Saturday Night Football on ABC.  This time HABANA’s own Director of Photography Mark Eberle was behind the camera.

Detroit MC Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, was the featured artist for the famed college football broadcast.  With the his new single “Berzerk” serving as the soundtrack, ABC designed the entire broadcast around Detroit’s hottest lyricist. HABANA Avenue was proud to feature the cinematic eye of DP Mark Eberle.  Eberle was able to create a look that was both a throw-back to the early days of rap videos and fresh enough for today’s modern audiences.  Even President and Founder Steven J. Levy got the opportunity to contribute by creating a high-concept boom box that was fabricated out of intelligent lighting and modified concert rigging.

Through relationships with engineering gurus FreeFly systems, HABANA Avenue was able to introduce and offer ABC the MOVIm10 camera platform before it launched on the open market.  Utilizing the new stabilization system and the expertise of FreeFly Systems’s operators it became possible to design one of a kind images that were unique to this project.  Employing state-of-the-art technology to capture never before seen shots is the fuel that fires HABANA Avenue’s passion for visual storytelling.

The open will air before each Saturday broadcast this year on ABC.  HABANA Avenue was honored to support ABC’s creative vision for the incredibly popular sports broadcast, and looks forward to innovating for their future projects.

SO nice, they played it twice.

In 2011 HABANA was hired to shoot the opening sequence of ESPN’s Saturday Night Football program. The spot featured country music sensation Big & Rich, and highlighted epic college football moments from the past years. The project was ambitious, requiring over 300 extras and an entire set to be designed and built within a week. Finding an exciting concept that would limit time sensitive content was a challenge, but the team was able to create something both high energy and timeless.

We Put In The Work

The consistency of the program turned out to be a tremendous advantage and in 2013, ESPN again decided to run the original Big N Rich spot with updated play action content and college football highlights.

Creating something special from a simple idea is always a challenge. However, when a great team comes together and the content is well planned and executed, something truly amazing can be born. The HABANA Avenue team is incredibly proud that this original piece of content has been able to be reused and re-purposed for several years. It truly is a testament to the care and talent given to each and every HABANA Avenue project. We look forward to creating more content that stands the test of time.

ESPN BasketBall College GameDay Covered by State Farm

Yeah, We Shoot Hoops Too!

Through the years the College GameDay opening sequence for ESPN’s College Football program has been a cornerstone of the popular broadcast. Hearing the theme song and seeing Big & Rich center stage, marks the beginning of the excitement for many.

So, it was no surprise when ESPN called Habana to produce a unique opener for their Basketball College GameDay show. This time, the challenge of creating an amazing show open was compounded by an extremely short production schedule, and a location recently ravaged by the largest recorded storm to ever hit the U.S. east coast, Hurricane Sandy.

ESPN had already chosen on the breakout group Macklemore to bring their high-energy sound to the GameDay opener. However, due to a taxing tour schedule, the group had only a few days available to create and shoot the sequences needed. With those limitations in mind we were left,

Working With a Time Crunch

Habana was left with only 9 days to find a venue, secure local labor and art direct a unique opener.

The continued aftermath of Hurricane Sandy left many of the venue options in the North East still without power, fuel, or worse, under mandatory evacuation. In addition, with an incredibly short production schedule, labor was going to need to work overtime.

"One of the biggest challenges while working in New England, is coordinating with unions. Thanks to our great resources, nationally and locally, we were able to execute on a short deadline." - Steven J. Levy, Habana AvenuePresident and Founder

ESPN knew that the grueling schedule and the obvious logistical issues would be a difficult challenge for any production company. They knew that careful pre-planning and precise execution were needed to pull off this project.

Special thank you to Director Chris Mantzaris for his creative vision, Rick Paiva and his team for their leadership, and of course, Macklemore for the fresh track.

HABANA Strikes it Big & Rich for ESPN College Gameday Show

Huge Opportunity in The Perfect Place

With an expansive oasis of great weather, proximity to abundant production resources and college students, as well as boasting a Bulls team that was in last year’s top ten, the University of South Florida at the Tampa campus was chosen by the HABANA Avenue production team to be the locale for the ESPN College GameDay opener. The show, which is to be hosted by Chris Folwer, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso airing Saturdays starting this Fall, called for an opener with a fresh, high-energy, and youthful vibe.

Big & Rich on Set at USF in Tampa, Florida

ESPN wanted a musicfest-a-palooza staged for the open so Warner Bros. Nashville country luminaries Big & Rich were enlisted to do the honors. The band, performed “Coming to Your City.”

“This is not a mere local band,” remarked HABANA Avenue President and FounderSteven J. Levy. “With Tampa station WQYK being the first to air Big & Rich’s music, and the region being the third largest market, everyone was excited to be a part of it.”

All of these elements along with the phenomenal local mobile staging company, MB Pro Sound & Staging, made Tampa a perfect fit for the shoot.

Shot in one of the USF athletic fields, the outdoor fest scene is one of three parts. Other elements will include behind-the-scenes footage of the College GameDay crew and college football clips.

“Big & Rich were only available for one day,” recounted HABANA Avenue’s John Mullins, “so we had to shoot within a limited time frame. We needed to shoot at least 1,000 students when the school session was out.” He added that radio calls, a live broadcast, blogs and CraigsList were all utilized to generate a local buzz in order to get enough people to show up.

“The USF campus was a great spot to draw a lot of people without having to over-spend on talent,” said Levy. “Clients know they can depend upon the HABANAAvenue team for creative thinking, resourceful decision-making and staying within budget.”

Source: David Steinberg – Millimeter Digital Content Producer The Briefing Room

50 Cent, Perry Farrell + Kelly Rowland kick off the ABC Pontiac Garage Saturday Night Football opener

Together Once Again!

It‘s time to “Celebrate” the start of a new college football season, and New York City-based Vidiots and Tampa‘s HABANA Avenue are back, collaborating once again on the high-impact, music-driven primetime opener for ABC/ESPN College Football.

Shot in HD on the Pontiac Garage Stage high above Times Square, the dynamic opening features 50 Cent, Perry Farrell‘s Satellite Party, and Kelly Rowland covering Rare Earth‘s “Celebrate” rewritten with custom lyrics. Vidiots and HABANA Avenue created last year‘s pair of musical opens for ABC/ESPN College Football which showcased the indie-rock outfit Ok Go and Robert Randolph & The Family Band, and were commissioned again to put on an amazing opener to this year's College Football season.

Michael Amoia, cofounder of Vidiots, reprised his role as director and editor of “Celebrate” with HABANA's President and Founder Steven Levy acting as executive producer of HABANA Avenue, and Val Fischler again serving as supervising producer for ABC/ESPN Sports. They met the challenge of shooting at the Pontiac Garage Stage last year so Amoia and Levy were well prepared for the logistic and technical complexities of a four-camera HD shoot, at night, and on the world‘s most exciting and iconic stage in arguably the city‘s busiest location.

One Step Further Than Last Time!

“Thanks to the response to last year‘s program opener ABC/ESPN Sports was able to land this year‘s big talent,” said Levy. David Saltz, executive producer for musical entertainment at ABC and band liaison, lined up 50 Cent and Farrell with help from Chris Hornberger, advertising manager for the Pontiac-GMC division. When Bob Toms, executive producer for ABC/ESPN Sports, and Val Fischler were looking for a female singer to round out the trio, Saltz learned — via Beyonce‘s father, Matthew Knowles — that Rowland was eager to participate. With the powerhouse trio formed, Amoia and Levy had to deal with the issue of New York City being "concerned about the attention we would naturally attract working with 50 Cent, Perry and Kelly,” said Levy.

Left to Right:  Perry Farrell, Kelly Rowland, 50 Cent

Left to Right: Perry Farrell, Kelly Rowland, 50 Cent

Despite The Limitations We Still Put On A Great Show

Since the last shoot the city had also instituted new restrictions on pyro for non-New Year‘s Eve events in Times Square. “No confetti cannons were allowed and pyro had to be really scaled down,” Levy reported. “Fortunately, Phil Grucci, of the famed Grucci fireworks family, was able to package all the pyro effects without any of the concussions so we were able to work through the night without disturbing hotel guests. But we still attracted quite a crowd!”

Amoia envisioned a set for the opener featuring an LED wall behind the band which displayed different color patterns reinforcing the theme of an “energy collaboration” among the performers. Amoia and DP Marc Bloomgarden deployed four Panasonic VariCam HD cameras for the shoot: Two were handheld, one was on a 15-foot Techno Crane and one — with an 86:1 lens — was located across Times Square.

The opening begins with a wide shot of the Pontiac Garage Stage then zooms in on Perry Farrell who is suddenly suffused with a CG blast of red energy emanating from the night sky. As he sings, transparent red ribbons of energy swirling around his head and chest are inter-cut with shots of a football poised for the kick off, helmets, marching bands and mascots. Then Kelly Rowland appears to take up the tune, and Farrell passes along the energy to her. Rowland‘s high heels glow with yellow energy which rises and forms a Figure 8 around her, encircling her as she twirls to the music. More football footage, including shots of action on the field, is intercut with her performance.

Grand Entrance

Finally, 50 Cent makes a dramatic entrance through a pyro rain curtain. Rowland passes waves of blue energy to him. They follows his hand gestures as more football images are interwoven with his rap. Suddenly, 50 Cent is sitting atop a giant LED screen, legs dangling. Then he‘s glimpsed standing on another LED screen, dwarfed by the huge displays above and below him. More pyro explodes from the corners of the stage and across the stage. The opener ends with all three artists celebrating together, each encircled by a colored ribbon of energy.

“We had only one night to shoot the artists performing separately then all together,” said Amoia. “We had to schedule and time our shoots with them; we couldn‘t have everyone on stage for the whole night to get all the coverage we needed. We scrambled to make sure we got the shots we needed and to make sure everyone was moving and alive.”

Levy poined out that “we originally planned a 12-second pyro curtain followed by smoke with 50 Cent walking through the smoke. But he told us he had walked through pyro a lot, and he felt it would look cooler if he appeared through the fire. So he did, and it looked absolutely amazing.”

Left to Right:  Michael Amoia, 50 Cent, Steven J. Levy

Left to Right: Michael Amoia, 50 Cent, Steven J. Levy

The next day Amoia regrouped with 50 Cent at Silvercup East where he shot the rapper against greenscreen to simulate his precarious perch on the giant screens above the Pontiac Garage Stage. “The greenscreen shoot went very quickly,” Levy recalled. “That speaks to Mike‘s and Marc‘s preparation. They were ready to roll when 50 Cent came in, and he nailed it in a matter of a few hours.”

Before the shoot, Amoia and Levy had an opportunity to be part of the track recording session with 50 Cent and Perry Farrell; Rowland performed from Houston over ISDN lines. “It was an incredible experience to be in session with people of that stature, collaborating with them to create a special song,” said Levy.

Amoia did the opener‘s creative cut on Avid Adrenaline and prepped the CG compositing which was performed through Vidiots; the CG energy collaboration was Amoia‘s own concept. He also finished the opener on Adrenaline.

Lynn Elliott and Jackie Kim at Jack Morton Worldwide handled the staging for the shoot; Jeffrey Strauss and Monica Moore at Times Square Entertainment facilitated permitting and introduced Amoia and Levy to Grucci; and Charlie Prideaux smoothed the way with the NYPD. “Without all of them, the shoot wouldn‘t have happened,” Levy declared.

About Vidiots

Vidiots, Inc. combines full-service post-production for film and TV with a boutique environment, is equipped to handle projects large and small from promos to episodic television programming to feature films. For more information visit

Perry Farrell on the set of  ABC Pontiac Garage Saturday Night Football

Perry Farrell on the set of ABC Pontiac Garage Saturday Night Football

50 Cent recording "Celebrate"

50 Cent recording "Celebrate"

David Steinberg – Millimeter Digital Content Producer The Briefing Room