We’re No Longer a “Hybrid"

Since 2004 HABANA Avenue has striven to be a premiere one-stop creative shop. This latest info graphic from The Idealists shows that the day has arrived. The writers postulated, “In all, the report reflects — not surprisingly — that production companies will be expected to do more than ever before."

The Idealists, the creative job marketplace founded four years ago by former BBH Labs partner Adam Glickman, has released its first infographic: The State of the Creative Production Industry 2014. Glickman and his team surveyed more than 500 AICP and non-AICP producers about various aspects of the job.

"To me this shows that companies that can both ideas as well as execute are best positioned,” said Mr. Adam Glickman. “The word ‘hybrid’ is used less as this becomes the expected norm.” Our mission at HABANA Avenue has always been to innovate on behalf of our clients.

Among the most interesting results: Agencies won’t necessarily be the expected conduit for work. 89% of participants expect to be doing more direct-to-client work in the next five years. Accordingly, 90% of directors, more than before, are being asked to provide creative concept strategy.

Also, among those companies that don’t currently provide in-house post capabilities, 79% expect to be introducing those offerings in the future. And, perhaps surprising for this constantly squeezed industry, more than half of participants believe that in the next five years, they’ll be producing higher volume — at higher margins.