Need A Drone No-Fly Zone Map? We’ve Got You Covered

Communication between aircrafts is crucial. Without the high tech radars and dispatchers, aerial disasters would ensue.

Technology has allowed us to communicate effectively with other pilots to avoid such collisions, though it still confusing for many drone users to understand where they can and cannot fly their aircrafts.

Mapbox has recently created an interactive map called the Drone No-Fly Zone to better answer the question and ensure safety for pilots and aviation control.

Bobby Sudekumit is one of the authors and says it’s a work in progress. It’s set up so if anyone knows of other no-fly zones that aren’t on the map, you can add that data to a public repository they started on GitHub.

The data used is open and represented by the red areas on the map. It currently shows no-fly zones around national parks, military bases and the space around most airports.

The idea is that while the FAA works towards establishing regulations and limitations regarding drone usage, those who elect to use the devices can take steps to avoid potential legal troubles according to Slashgear.