Detroit Muscle has a new contender

Equus, a young Michigan based auto-builder introduces the new Bass 770. This modern take on classic muscle brings the history of Detroit into a new era.

Needed a Sleek and Sexy Portrayal

With the need to produce an exciting and sexy promotional video, Equus contacted French director, and HABANA Featured Director, Fabien Dufils.

Fabien’s unique ability to merge beautiful imagery with virtual any product was what initially prompted the introduction between he and HABANA's President and Founder, Steven J. Levy. The uniqueness of the Bass 770’s blending of old world design and modern technology lends itself well to Fabien’s style of direction. The 770 is aimed at the luxury market with a sticker price just under $300k, and the artistic feel of Fabien’s work was the perfect fit.

Shot at an abandoned airport and utilizing stunt drivers and a full effects team, the shoot was difficult to capture, but an entertaining challenge for the team. Fabien’s stylized vision was brought to life through the hard work of countless behind the scenes technicians and producers.