And Still the Camera Rolled…

The storm raged around the 36-foot center console fishing vessel. Walls of white water frothed over the sides of the boat, and the intrepid fishermen clutched desperately to the console.

Behind them, three outboard engines spread across the transom.  While two of the power plants strained to turn their props, the third hung quietly, its metal drive shaft sheared off from the torque and strain of the battering from Mother Nature.

Still the Camera Rolled.

HABANA’s adventure and outdoor cinematographer, Greg Brewer, fought his fear and the elements to capture every moment, though this final leg of the three-day deep-sea adventure put his skills and courage to the test.  After more than 600 nautical miles, countless giant fish and days of sleep deprivation, the final segment of the journey proved to test the limits of his endurance.

The latest foray into unscripted television, Greg and his gear captured the adventures of Matt and Darren, aboard their 36-foot Yellowfin, and their latest trip deep into the Gulf of Mexico. For the last several years the duo, based out of Treasure Island, FL, have taken adventure fishing to a new level. With nothing more than an open fishing boat, some bean bags and a couple of buckets, the two fishermen have set out to catch the Gulf’s biggest fish, including Marlin, Swordfish, Sailfish and Tuna. This time, HABANA went along for the ride, and the epic journey was chronicled – giving us a chance to share in the spirit of adventure that many have but few have the courage to pursue.

In preparation for the trip, the boat had to be retrofit with battery banks and power inverters, and cameras had to be placed throughout to capture the moments of fishing triumph and the fragility of human endurance.  Whether free diving for Mahi in 11,000 feet of water, or fighting giant Swordfish through the night as the wind inexorably lashed the tiny vessel, HABANA Avenue was there.

Still the Camera Rolled.

This final leg, through tropical storm conditions, brought the Yellowfin and her crew safely into Sarasota Bay with nothing but fuel vapors to keep her going.  The fishermen were battered and windblown, but the sense of accomplishment at having squared off with Mother Nature and survived kept spirits high.  As they stepped onto the dock, safe at last as the storm ebbed, the sense of relief was palpable.

Look for more savage adventures in upcoming HABANA Avenue posts, and future installments of the amazing journeys they face whenever they leave the dock. On this trip, the fury of the Gulf and the ruthlessness of Mother Nature were on vivid display.

And Still the Camera Rolled.