The Tennessean Newspaper – ESPN Monday Night Football Open

HABANA Avenue Produces Hank Jr’s Monday night tradition

Hank Jr. still wants to know” “Ready for some football?”

Monday afternoon, Hank Williams Jr. strutted around a sound-stage, asking a question that millions have answered in the affirmative for the past 22 years: “Are you ready for some football?”

While the University of Tennessee’s dance team gyrated around him and ESPN camera captured the scene, ol’ Bocephus shot the video for Monday Night Football’s opening sequence.

this is his 22nd straight year as the singing voice of Monday Night Football, and he remains enthusiastic about the show and about the game itself. He credits late, great manager (and “Ring of Fire” co-writer) Merle Kilgore with sealing the deal more than two decades ago that has helped Williams to a place in the pigskin pop culture.

"Merle said, ‘Brother, they think they want to try you on Monday Night Football,”‘ Williams said. “It was a one-year deal. Seven Super Bowls and all those years later, here we are.”

Williams also recorded specific lyrics for each week’s game, including two involving the Minnesota Vikings and, he figures, serial un-retirer/quarterback Brett Favre.

“The ‘Ageless Wonder'” Williams said. “That (guy) can’t quit.”

The Tennessean – Tuesday June 22, 2010 – Peter Cooper