ESPN Monday Night Football Opener – Source E Creative Newsletter

Country music legend Hank Williams, Jr. just celebrated his 22nd year performing for a new season of ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” for which he’s won four Emmy Awards.

This year’s show open was supervised by HABANA Avenue President and Founder Steven J. Levy. Last year, the viewer followed Williams through the MNF Hall of Fame in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Monday Night Football. This year’s Monday night work picks up where last year’s left off. With help from Fresh Paint Visual Effects and Design, Williams delves into an antechamber of the MNF Hall of Fame to unveil a gallery of heroic moments from Monday Night Football’s past.

HABANA Avenue produced the promo at a studio facility in Nashville. The look of last year’s location, the Parthenon, an art museum in Nashville’s Centennial Park modeled for its namesake, was brought to life with vibrant, illuminated columns designed to give a grand look to the cavernous gallery. In a grand finale, Williams opens an oversized valve releasing multi-colored fountains of CG paint out of the MNF Hall of Fame and into the night sky.

The opener concludes by reprising the custom helmet animation based on the 17 regular-season match-ups. Levy noted, “So much of our success has been made possible because of the local film community and the assistance provided by Tennessee’s Film, Entertainment & Music Commission.”