DMN Newswire – ESPN Prologue World Cup Magentic Monolith

HABANA Avenue Covers the South African Landscape for ESPN’s 2010 FIFA World Cup Network Open Packages

As the excitement of FIFA’s 2010 World Cup Soccer gets underway, ESPN launches it’s “One Game Changes Everything” platform for promoting it’s coverage of the famed international sporting event. Many of the show opens for this historic event were supervised and produced by HABANA Avenue President and Founder Steven J. Levy and shot on location throughout South Africa. HABANA Avenue, which has a longstanding relationship with ESPN, has provided production support for many of the network’s largest initiatives. Most recently, HABANA produced a special 40th anniversary show open for this past season’s ESPN “Monday Night Football” (MNF).

As with much of ESPN’s campaign for the World Cup, work centers around the message of unity and the many nations that will compete on this international stage. In this open, titled Magnificent Monolith, the camera takes viewers through the expansive landscape of South Africa and captures it in all it’s beauty wrapped in the colors of each nation represented in the event. Shooting throughout the vast distances between Capetown, Johannesburg and Lindbergh Lodge, HABANA created background plates for a number of these memorable images. The shots were filmed in 35mm and in some cases were shot aerially utilizing the Gyron Film System / Stabilized Camera. The footage was directed by Kyle Cooper of Prologue Visual FX, which was charged with creating the “fabric of the world” that would appear to wrap the myriad of landscapes captured by HABANA.

HABANAAvenue managed all of the live action production in South Africa.
Director of Photography Juan Ruiz Anchia shot the footage. AFS Productions was engaged by HABANA to provide production support throughout Africa. Prologue Visual FX created all the visual FX elements that completed the project. Overseeing the project for ESPN was creative director Chris Mantzaris.

About HABANA Avenue
HABANA Avenue is a full-service TV, film, live event and concert-experience Production Company and an original content creator with offices in New York City, Los Angeles and Tampa. It maintains a boutique post-production facility in Tampa called Bungalow Post @ HABANA Avenue and has a post-production alliance with full-service and nationally positioned Red Car, which has offices in New York, Miami, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

(June 11, 2010) DMN Newswire