NBS Super Bowl XLII Opener

HABANA Avenue Hoists Trophy and Blings the Rings for NBC and Super Bowl XLIII with Help from Faith Hill

Earlier this January, the video production craftspeople at HABANA Avenue latched onto NBC for the first time to create the Super Bowl XLIII ‘09 open

Against a custom set depicting the tip of a football in line with Tiffany’s Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy, Warner Brothers Records’ country pop sensation Faith Hill sang fresh lyrics to the tune of the memorable Sunday Night Football open theme.

The background was “abstract to a point,” recounts HABANA Avenue President and Founder Steven J. Levy. “We, along with production designer Michael Keeling, created a very progressive, sharp, sexy space.”

Martin LED lighting panels were interlaced between the structures creating an abstract football set piece that was part music video set and part digital media wall for footage and art direction. The project was shot on the Panasonic VariCam. “On day 1 we shot Faith onstage in Nashville,” states Levy. “On day 2 we shot the trophy and all 42 previous Super Bowl rings.”

He attests that the biggest challenge was turnaround. “By the time we were able to commit to an idea, “he says, “we had to source the materials that didn’t exist in Nashville.” Despite the rush, the results spawned a gem.

“How valuable and priceless these artifacts are,” beams Levy. “They embody a depth and expanse far beyond material value, because of their history. And really amazing are the security measures taken to ensure safe travel for them.”

Levy finds it awe-inspiring to have been able work with and film the Lombardi trophy and Super Bowl rings, and stresses the importance of continuing to work with artists like Hill. “It was a real honor to work with her,” he says, ” having the opportunity to work with Faith’s natural beauty and that beauty crafted into the trophy and feather the historic natural of the rings. As a football fan, I can tell you that nothing is more impressive!”

NBC’s Rob Hyland served as director. The director of photography was Samson Chan. The executive producer for the production was Fred Gaudelli, whose own producer, Charlie Vanacore, donated time and effort. Levy’s producer, John Mullins, was invaluable. NBC’s production manager was Cathy Driscoll. NFL’s Nancy Behar and Nicki Ewell lent their assistance. And Zenith Lighting of Orlando “came through huge.”

HABANA Avenue is a full-service TV, film, live event and concert-experience production company and an original content creator. The company has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami’s South Beach and Tampa. It maintains a boutique post-production facility in Tampa and has post-production partnerships with the full-service Mad Toy Box Post in Charlotte, North Carolina and Vidiots in New York City.

David Steinberg – Millimeter Digital Content Producer The Briefing Room