It’s a Nascar Sprint to the Finish Line as HABANA Avenue Drives GSP around the Bend.

Breaking the mold of a typical production company, bi-coastal hyper-hybrid HABANA Avenue recently made a groundbreaking foray into agency-based creative, crafting a series of NASCAR Sprint Cup driver interview spots for Sprint’s website.

Sprint, one of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ (GSP) main clients, wished to capture NASCAR Sprint Cup excitement close-up for race-hungry site visitors. They’re doing so by including high-impact interviews with such participants as Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and others.

Emanating from downtown Charlotte’s Time Warner Arena, straight interviews were “shot against a green screen,” explains HABANA Avenue President and Foundert Steven J. Levy, “with GSP to be providing the background.”

According to Levy, and HABANA Avenue’s producer John Mullins, you’ll see more and more agencies sporting creative directors with their own directorial know-how and aspirations. “We can provide the support and service of a production company,” reflects Levy, “and they can provide their own director and keep it in-house, as in this series of spots.” In the old model, he explains, the production company was “a vendor…you’d hire a director and have to take his/her production company. We’re breaking the mold by acting as both ally and resource to protect and further their interests.”

GSP, Levy notes, really tries to push their people to direct. “We are fully in service of the agency,” he says. “There are no creative conflicts. In this instance (with Sprint), John worked directly with and supported GSP’s director. Their creative director oversees the Sprint spot writing. A lot of that work is directed in-house.” Levy maintains that such a relationship is what makes HABANA Avenue’s efforts with clients such as the NFL, ABC and ESPN so successful. “That’s why they come to us!” he says.

About HABANAAvenue:
HABANA Avenue is a full-service TV, film, live event and concert-experience Production Company and an original content creator. The company has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami’s South Beach and Tampa. It maintains a boutique postproduction facility in Tampa and has full- service postproduction partnerships with Outsider, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois Mad Toy Box in Charlotte, North Carolina and Vidiots in New York City. For more information visit www.HabanaAvenue.com

David Steinberg – Millimeter Digital Content Producer The Briefing Room