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HABANA Avenue supports NFL Films for Newest Campaign heightening the Connection between Coaches and Fans

What makes the coaches of the NFL tick? Bi-coastal HABANA Avenue and its President and Foundert Steven J. Levy got inside the minds of the National Football League coaches when they supported NFL Films in crafting promos, spots, bumpers and tags for the NFL Network. The highly-stylized new campaign heightens the intimacy between fans and coaches as it explores what makes the coaches’ jobs meaningful, why they do what they do, and what responsibility they feel to their fans.

“The coaches were pleasantly surprised to be asked heartfelt questions about their passion for the game rather than about specific plays or game decisions,” notes Levy. “They all talked about the importance of consistency and how small the margins are between winning and losing when you operate at such a high level. That was really amazing and inspirational for me.”

Levy was partnered by NFL Films & The NFL Network with Oishii Creative, director Mark Pellington and DP Tom Krueger on the project, which was shot with two 35mm cameras, one sync sound and one MOS for high-speed photography. They had access to the coaches during an annual meeting of NFL team owners, coaches and PR executives at the five-star Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Florida. A series of 15-minute interviews with the coaches was scheduled over a three-day period.

“Getting everything we needed in this ‘carwash-style’ of one interview after another was very challenging,” Levy recalls. “When one coach had to reschedule his slot we had to react quickly and think on our feet. We needed a really perfect crew to handle this kind of manic production which was incredibly intense and high speed at some times then suddenly dropped off to nothing.”

Each coach segment began with an 8×8-foot photographic blow up of the coach as the dialogue commenced. The coaches were framed head and shoulders against an intense gray background with one big, bright light and a 90-degree shutter angle to heighten the connection to the individual. No jump cuts, no cutaways to still images and no moving footage were used.

Some high-speed shooting was done against greenscreen so that slow-motion sequences could be composited with other still backgrounds in post-production. Although Pellington shot 35mm color, most of the color was removed in post so just hints of the coach’s team colors remained. Postproduction was performed at Icon (LA).

“One coach was 32 years old and the oldest was in his sixties. They were from all over the country and from all walks of life. Yet, somehow they all had a similar recipe for success,” Levy reports. “I think fans will be fascinated by this campaign and ultimately feel a deeper connection to the coaches and their teams.”

The promos will air throughout the year on NFL Network and will serve as full-up commercials for the network on other broadcast and cable outlets.

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